Wednesday, 24 September 2014

The case has never been made - that's about to change

Wales Supporting YES Rally, Cardiff

Responding to the BBC Wales poll, Branwen Alaw Evans on behalf of ‘Wales Supporting YES’, who recently held a successful Rally in Cardiff supporting Scottish independence said:

“There are obvious questions about the usefulness of this poll, which was a multiple choice question with 5 options, rather than a clearer Yes or No. Other polls have consistently put support at around 15%, with a recent YES/NO poll for ITV Wales that put support for Welsh independence on 17% or 20% excluding ‘Don’t Know’s. 

"On the other hand, polls commissioned by the BBC have showed far lower levels of support, and have not used wording consistent with the questions asked in Scotland. In contrast to what was asked in Scotland, the BBC's question regarding independence had a negative ending ‘independent from UK’ not ‘an independent country’.”

“Of course, support for Welsh independence in Wales is not as high as it could be, this is not surprising at all of course, because no one has ever made the case. That's about to change.”

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