Wednesday, 24 September 2014

The case has never been made - that's about to change

Wales Supporting YES Rally, Cardiff

Responding to the BBC Wales poll, Branwen Alaw Evans on behalf of ‘Wales Supporting YES’, who recently held a successful Rally in Cardiff supporting Scottish independence said:

“There are obvious questions about the usefulness of this poll, which was a multiple choice question with 5 options, rather than a clearer Yes or No. Other polls have consistently put support at around 15%, with a recent YES/NO poll for ITV Wales that put support for Welsh independence on 17% or 20% excluding ‘Don’t Know’s. 

"On the other hand, polls commissioned by the BBC have showed far lower levels of support, and have not used wording consistent with the questions asked in Scotland. In contrast to what was asked in Scotland, the BBC's question regarding independence had a negative ending ‘independent from UK’ not ‘an independent country’.”

“Of course, support for Welsh independence in Wales is not as high as it could be, this is not surprising at all of course, because no one has ever made the case. That's about to change.”

Read more on The truth about BBC Wales’ daft ‘3%’ Welsh independence poll

Nid yw'r achos erioed wedi ei wneud - mae hynny ar fin newid

Rali, Cymru'n Cefnogi IE, Caerdydd

Yn ymateb i arolwg barn y BBC, dywedodd Branwen Alaw Evans ar ran ‘Cymru’n Cefnogi IE’, a drefnodd Rali lwyddiannus yng Nghaerdydd yn ddiweddar yn cefnogi annibyniaeth i’r Alban::

"Mae cwestiynau amlwg yn codi am ba mor ddefnyddiol yw'r pôl yma, roedd pum opsiwn yn yr arolwg barn yn hytrach na dewis gliriach Ie neu Na. Mae polau eraill wedi adrodd bod cefnogaeth ar tua 15%, gydag arolwg barn diweddar ITV Wales a roddodd cefnogaeth i annibyniaeth i Gymru ar 17%, neu 20% heb y rhai nad oedd am ateb.”

"Ar y llaw arall, mae polau a gomisiynwyd gan y BBC wedi dangos cefnogaeth lawer is, nid ydynt wedi defnyddio geiriad sy'n gyson â'r cwestiwn a ofynnwyd yn yr Alban. Yn wahanol i'r hyn ofynnwyd yn yr Alban, roedd elfen negyddol i gwestiwn y BBC, lle’r oedd yn gorffen gyda ‘independent from UK’ yn hytrach ‘an independent country’. “

”Wrth gwrs, nid yw cefnogaeth i annibyniaeth i Gymru mor uchel ag y gallai hi fod, gan fod neb wedi gwneud yr achos hyd yma. Ond mae hynny ar fin newid."

Darllen mwy ar The truth about BBC Wales’ daft ‘3%’ Welsh independence poll

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Fideos o Rali 'Cymru'n Cefnogi IE' / Videos from the 'Wales Supporting YES' Rally

Araith Leanne Wood (Plaid Cymru) / Leanne Wood's Speech

Araith Pippa Bartolotti (Plaid Werdd) / Pippa Bartolotti's Speech (Green Party)

Araith Amy Kitcher (Dem Rhydd Blaenorol) / Amy Kitcher's Speech (Former Lib Dem Candidate)

Araith Ray Davies (Chynghorydd Llafur) / Ray Davies' Speech (Labour Councillor)

Areithiau Harriet Protheroe-Davies & Armon Gwilym Williams / Harriet Protheroe-Davies & Armon Gwilym Williams' Speeches

Recordiad Llawn o'r Ffrwd Fyw / Full Recording of the Live Stream

Mwy i ddilyn...

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

29% Support Welsh Independence according to 'Google Consumer Surveys' Poll

In order to find out the current opinion in Wales on Welsh independence. 'Face for Business' asked 1000 people living in Wales 'Should Wales be an independent country?' between Thursday the 11th, and Sunday the 14th of September 2014. They used 'Google Consumer Surveys' to collect the data.

Here are the full results:

28.9% of people in Wales support Welsh Independence according to this poll.

28.7% of Men and 29.1% of Woman in Wales support Welsh Independence according to this poll.

36.8% of 18-24 year olds in Wales support Welsh Independence, but this falls to 19.4% for the 65+ according to this poll.

This poll comes a few days after a new YouGov poll for ITV Cymru Wales and Cardiff University showed that support for Welsh independence had grown to 20% (Excluding Don't Knows).

These poll results are very encouraging, considering that support for Welsh independence has traditionally hovered around the 10% mark, and that no political party or group are currently making a strong case for Welsh independence (even though Plaid Cymru support independence as a long term aim). It is also extremely encouraging moving forwards that the younger you are, the more likely you are to support Welsh independence.

Following the extremely successful rally in Cardiff on Saturday, where up to a 1,000 people came to show their support for Scottish independence, this is more good news. After the results of the referendum are published on Friday - if it's a YES or a NO - the UK will never be the same again. We will need to start a serious, cross-party, inclusive campaign in favour of Welsh independence if we are ever to reach our aim. These results are a very good foundation to build upon.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

FULL VIDEO: Wales Supporting Yes / FIDEO LLAWN: Cymru'n Cefnogi IE

View our event in Cardiff today in full below. People from all over the world can watch the people of Wales showing support to our friends in Scotland and the clear message that was sent - Go for it!

Gwyliwch ein digwyddiad yng Nghaerdydd yn llawn isod. Gall pobl o bob cwr o'r byd weld pobl Cymru yn dangos eu cefnogaeth i'n cyfeillion yn yr Alban, a'r neges glir a anfonwydt - Ewch amdani!

Monday, 8 September 2014

Thank you to Scotland and Alex Salmond - Ray Davies, Labour Councillor, Caerphilly

I passionately believe in peoples' right to take control of their own lives.

Scottish people are fed up with seeing a deteriorating health service year on year, of continuing cuts in welfare benefits, the Bedroom Tax, the ever growing gap between the rich and poor; whilst the cost of nuclear weapons spirals out of control.

Why should Scotland have the largest nuclear submarine fleet in Europe against the express wishes of  its people?

The Westminster parliament has for too long taken Scotland's loyalty for granted.

I am proud to have been asked to speak in support of Scottish independence outside the Senedd on 13 September. Some Welsh politicians in the Assembly say it will mean a lifetime of Tory government. I say that is defeatist talk.  When Scotland achieves its freedom, it will make Westminster think twice before inflicting their wretched policie slike the Poll Tax, the 1972 Fair Rents Act etc, which brought so much misery to Welsh people.

No matter which way the vote goes, the British political world will be changed forever.

It will also make us in Wales  think very positively about our own future.

So a huge thank you to Scotland and Alex Salmond.

Because of their courage, their people will have a once in a lifetime opportunity to build a nuclear free future, with all that means for Wales, Britain and the world.

Take it, cherish it, and enjoy your new freedom, Scotland.

Caerphilly Councillor Ray Davies

Ray Davies will be speaking at the "Wales Supporting YES" event outside the Senedd in Cardiff Bay at 2pm, Saturday September 13th

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Caryl Parry Jones yn cefnogi'r digwyddiad / Caryl supports the event

Bydd Caryl Parry Jones yn canu cwpwl o ganeuon tu allan i'r Senedd yng Nghaerdydd dydd Sadwrn nesaf Medi 13eg. Diolch Caryl

Caryl Parry Jones will be singing a few songs at the Senedd in Cardiff next Saturday September 13th.

Saturday, 6 September 2014

A Cross-party event outside the senedd in Cardiff to support Scottish independence

In exactly a week’s time, Just days before the Scottish independence referendum, people from all over Wales – from a range of political views – will come together in Cardiff to send voters a clear message: Go for it Scotland!

Organised by ‘Wales Supporting YES – Go For It Scotland’ the event will be a grassroots cross-party and no-party event to support the aspirations of the Scottish people for self-determination and independence. Speakers will include: Leanne Wood, Leader of Plaid Cymru; Pippa Bartolotti, Leader of the Green Party in Wales; Labour Councillor Ray Davies from Caerphilly County Borough Council; and Amy Kitcher, Former Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate.

Also speaking will be two Scottish voices, SNP member Jamie Wallace and founding member of the National Collective, Andrew Redmond Barr; As well as other community representatives from Wales and messages of support from grass-roots campaigners and people in Scotland. There will also be live entertainment at the event, and the atmosphere will be of a celebratory and positive nature.

The last few weeks has seen a surge of support in Scotland for independence, YouGov's latest poll on Scottish independence shows the 'no' lead has collapsed to just six points, with the Yes poll rising to 47%, closing the gap substantially on the no vote, presently at 53%.

Iestyn ap Rhobert, of Wales Supporting YES, said: “The people of Scotland have the opportunity of a lifetime on 18th September. We know that most of the mainstream media and other establishment voices are using scare tactics to put pressure on them to vote no. Come and join us on Saturday to send a more positive message from Wales: Go for it Scotland!”

“We have great speakers coming on Saturday, from a range of political parties in Wales. We’re also very glad to be able to welcome some activists from Scotland to share their experiences in Jamie Wallace a member of the SNP and Andrew Redmond Barr from the National Collective”.

Quotes by a speakers

Leanne Wood, leader of Plaid Cymru, said: “Being independent is a normal state for any nation. Scotland’s referendum provides an opportunity for people there to build a fairer society based on equality. A YES vote can inspire people in Wales and in other parts of these islands to do more for ourselves and to do our politics differently. Scotland shows us there is an alternative.”

Pippa Bartolotti, leader of the Green Party in Wales said: “A yes vote will bring decision making closer to the people of Scotland – and that’s very Green!”

Labour Councillor Ray Davies said: “An independent Scotland is a giant step towards a nuclear free world. A victory for Scottish independence will be an inspiration for Wales… and all those who thirst for freedom and the right to control their own lives.”

Andrew Barr from the National Collective said: “This rally will be a powerful demonstration to the world that the ideas and aspirations of the people, both in Scotland and elsewhere in these islands, can no longer be afforded to us by the Westminster system. This will undoubtedly be a beautiful gesture to Scotland, but I also hope it will mark the start of a more vocal, more confident movement in Wales.”

Digwyddiad aml-bleidiol y tu fas i'r senedd yng Nghaerdydd i gefnogi annibyniaeth i'r Alban

Wythnos i heddiw, ychydig o ddyddiau cyn refferendwm yr Alban ar annibyniaeth, bydd pobl o ledled Cymru - ac o ystod o safbwyntiau gwleidyddol - yn dod at ei gilydd i Gaerdydd er mwyn danfon neges glir at y pleidleiswyr -: Ewch Amdani'r Alban! 

Trefnir y digwyddiad gan "Cymru'n cefnogi IE - Ewch Amdani Alban" , digwyddiad heb unrhyw gysylltiad á phlaid arbennig ac sydd wedi codi o awydd pobl i gefnogi dyhead pobl yr Alban i gael y grym i benderfynu eu dyfodol eu hunain drwy fod yn annibynnol o Lywodraeth Llundain. Bydd y siaradwyr yn cynnwys Leanne Wood, Arweinydd Plaid Cymru; Pippa Bartolotti, Arweinydd Plaid Werdd Cynmru; Y Cynghorydd Llafur Ray Davies o Gyngor Caerffili; ac Amy Kitcher, Cyn ymgeisydd Seneddol y Democratiaid Rhyddfrydol.

Hefyd yn siarad bydd dau lais o'r Alban Jamie Wallace, Aelod o'r SNP, ac un o sylfaenwyr y 'National Collective', Andrew Redmond Barr; ynghyd a chynrychiolwyr cymunedol eraill o Gymru a negeseuon o gefnogaeth gan ymgyrchwyr ar lawr gwlad a phobl yn yr Alban. Bydd hefyd adloniant byw yn ystod y digwyddiad, gydag awyrgylch o ddathlu cadarnhaol.

Dros yr wythnosau diwethaf cafwyd cynydd mawr yn y gefnogaeth yn yr Alban i annibyniaeth. Mae pól diweddaraf YOuGov ar annibyniaeth i'r Alban yn dangos bod y mantais oedd gan y bleidlais "na" wedi'i chwalu i 6 phwynt yn unig, gyda'r bleidlais "ie" wedi codi i 47% ac yn brysur nesau at y bleidlais na sydd ar 53%.

Dywed Iestyn ap Rhobert o Cymru'n Cefnogi II : "Mae gan bobl yr Alban gyfle unwaith mewn oes ar y 18fed o Fedi. Gwyddom fod y rhan fwyaf o'r cyfryngau torfol a lleisiau eraill y sefydliad yn defnyddio tactegau dychryn i bwyso ar bobl i bleidleisio na. Dewch i ymuno gyda ni ddydd Sadwrn er mwyn danfon neges mwy cadarnhaol o Gymru: Ewch Amdani'r Alban!”

Mae gennym nifer o siaradwyr arbennig yn dod ddydd Sadwrn, o wahanol bleidiau gwleidyddol yng Nghymru. Rydym hefyd yn falch iawn o groesawu rhai ymgyrchwyr o'r Alban i rannu eu profiadau sef Jamie Wallace, Aelod o'r SNP, ac un o sylfaenwyr y 'National Collective', Andrew Redmond Barr"

Dyfyniadau gan siaradwyr:

Dywedodd Leanne Wood, Arweinydd Plaid Cymru: “Mae annibynniaeth yn gyflwr arferol i unrhyw genedl. Mae refferendwm yr Alban yn cynnig cyfle i adeiladu cymdeithas decach wedi ei seilio ar gydraddoldeb. Gall pleidlais IE ysbrydoli pobl yng Nghymru ac mewn mannau eraill o'r ynysoedd hyn i gyflawni mwy dros ein hunain ac i arddel dull wahanol o wleidydda. Dengys yr Alban i ni fod dewis amgen yn bodoli.”

Dywedodd Pippa Bartolotti, arweinydd y Blaid Werdd yng Nghymru: "Daw pleidlais ie â'r broses o wneud penderfyniadau yn nes at bobl yr Alban - ac mae hyn yn wyrdd iawn!"

Dywedodd Ray Davies, Cynghorydd Llafur: “Bydd Alban annibynnol yn gam enfawr tuag at fyd ddi-niwcliar. Bydd buddugoliaeth Alban annibynnol yn ysbrydoliaeth i Gymru. ac i bawb sy'n sychedu am ryddid a'r hawl i reoli eu bywyd eu hunain."

Dywedodd Andrew Barr o'r National Collective : "Bydd y rali hon yn arddangosfa rymus i'r byd fod syniadau a dyheadau'r bobl, yn yr Alban a phob man arall yn yr ynysoedd hyn, ddim yn gallu cael eu diwallu mwyach gan y system yn San Steffan. Bydd, heb amheuaeth, yn arwydd hyfryd i'r Alban, ond gobeithiaf hefyd y bydd yn gychwyn ar fudiad mwy hyderus a mwy llafar yng Nghymru."

Friday, 5 September 2014

Diweddaraf: Siaradwyr / Latest: Speakers

  • Leanne Wood AM (Arweinydd Plaid Cymru Leader)
  • Ray Davies (Labour Councillor / Cynghorydd Llafur)
  • Pippa Bartolotti (Wales Green Party Leader / Plaid Werdd )
  • Amy Kitcher (Former Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate and County Councillor)
  • Andrew Redmond Barr (National Collective)
  • Jamie Wallace (SNP Member & Gaelic Speaker / Siaradwr Gaeleg)
  • Iestyn ap Rhobert (Ewch Amdani Alba / Go For It Scotland)
  • Pol Wong (Mynach Shaolin Monk)
  • Armon Gwilym + Harriet Protheroe-Davis (Letters of Support from Scotland)

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Blog by one of the organisers, Branwen Alaw Evans

Blog gan un o'r trefnwyr, Branwen Alaw Evans o Lanelli

Blog by one of the organisers, Branwen Alaw Evans, from Llanelli

The No camp say that an independent Scotland is too risky and its economy will be volatile. To me I can’t think of anything more risky than staying with the Tories and their excessive cuts. The risk of getting a UKIP/Tory coalition voting to quit the EU. The risk of even more cuts, with even Labour saying they will stick to the Tories’ austerity measures. I can’t see how the risk to a country as wealthy as Scotland would be greater if it was to run it’s own affairs.

They once called it ‘Great’ Britain… and now they tell us UK OK. Is it ok for the 1 in 5 children living in poverty in Scotland? Is it ok for the 100,000 disabled people in Scotland that will be losing their disability benefits? Is it ok for the 71,000 people dependent on foodbanks in the past year alone. Not to mention the bedroom tax.

This is the first time in centuries that the people of Scotland have the opportunity to create the kind of country they want, through a written constitution and through electing the politicians they vote for. A blank slate wiped clean to paint whatever future they want. In many areas the Scots have already chosen their future. The population has overwhelmingly rejected the Conservatives, poll tax, bedroom tax and nuclear submarines. With a Yes vote on the 18th they will be able to implement these decisions for good.

This won’t be a goodbye to Scotland, it will be a goodbye to colonialism and empire. This will be a massive ‘Hello’ to a new and more prosperous Scotland on the world stage. With whom they can build new trades and friendship with the rest of our isles based on equality and a shared past.

For me it’s about democracy and accountability. Here in Wales there is easy access to our politicians in Cardiff, you can attend public meetings / surgeries, email or send them a tweet. I want those politicians based in Cardiff to have the powers so that they are truly accountable to the people of Wales. There isn’t the same accountability in Westminster. It’s a huge establishment miles away with politicians who wouldn’t give any of us the time of day. So that’s what I want, power closer to the people where politicans are accountable and represent our views. That to me is democracy.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Andrew Redmond Barr, National Collective

We are extremely glad to announce that our latest confirmed speaker is Andrew Redmond Barr, the co-founder of National Collective’. The cultural movement for Scottish Independence. He will be travelling down from Scotland for the day.

Rydym yn falch o gyhoeddi y bydd Andrew Redmond Barr, un o sylfaenwyr ‘National Collective’ yn dweud gair tu allan i'r Senedd. Mae'n teithio i lawr o'r Alban yn arbennig ar gyfer y digwyddiad. Diolch yn fawr iddo.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Bws a Rhannu Ceir / Buses and Car Sharing

  • BWS ABERSYTWYTH > CAERFYRDDIN > CAERDYDD (neu ar hyd y ffordd) I gadw lle ar y bws cysylltwch gyda Bethan Williams -
    (or along the way) If you wish to book a seat, please contact Bethan Williams -
  • BWS WRECSAM > CAERDYDD (neu ar hyd y ffordd yng nghanolbarth Cymru - Trallwng, Drenewydd ayb) Os oes diddordeb cysylltwch gyda Pol Wong neu arwyddwch y llyfr yn y Saith Seren.
    BUS (or along the way in mid Wales - Welshpool,  Newton etc) If you wish to book a seat to the event, you can book at the Saith Seren and leave £10 deposit. Contact Pol Wong - for more details. The bus will be leaving from Saith Seren at 10am on the morning of the event.
Os ydych chi'n gallu helpu trefnu bws neu mini fws o'ch hardal rhowch wybod

If you can help to organise a bus or mini bus from your area, let us know

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Poster PDF - Argraffwch / Print

Pwywswch ar y llun isod i lawrlwytho ac argraffu poster PDF maint A4 neu cysylltwch gyda ni ar os hoffech chi gael tipyn i'w dosbarthu yn eich ardal

Please click on the following image to download and print the PDF poster, or email us at if you would like a batch to distribute in your area.

Cliciwch i lawrlwytho fersiwn PDF / Please click to download PDF poster

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Cllr. Ray Davies (Llafur / Labour)

Bydd Ray Davies, Cynghorydd Llafur, yn un o’r siaradwyr yn ein digwyddiad.

 Speaking in Cardiff on September 13th will be Cllr Ray Davies (Labour)

Friday, 22 August 2014

Leanne Wood (Arweinydd Plaid Cymru Leader)

Bydd Leanne Wood, Arweinydd Plaid Cymru, yn un o’r siaradwyr yn ein digwyddiad ‘Cymru'n Cefnogi IE’ yn y Senedd, Bae Caerdydd ar Fedi 13.

Leanne Wood, Plaid Cymru Leader, will be one of the speakers at the ‘Wales Supporting YES’ event at the Senedd in Cardiff at 2pm on September 13th.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Pippa Bartolotti (Arweinydd y Blaid Werdd / Wales Green Party Leader)

Bydd Pippa Bartolotti, Arweinydd Plaid Werdd Cymru, yn un o’r siaradwyr yn ein digwyddiad ‘Ewch Amdani Alba’ yn y Senedd, Bae Caerdydd ar Fedi 13.

Pippa Bartolotti, Wales Green Party Leader, will be one of the speakers at the ‘Wales Supporting YES’ event at the Senedd in Cardiff on September 13th.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

SNP Member, and Gaelic speaker Jamie Wallace, will be speaking at our event. Diolch Jamie.

Jamie Wallace is the co-founder of Comann nan Oileanach airson Neo-Eisimeileachd na h-Alba or CONEA for short. It's an association based on the Isle of Skye for all students wanting Scottish Independence and it was a pre-curser to Yes Alba who now act as an umbrella group for all the other Gaelic independence initiatives. He has spoken at several events including Yes Skye, Raasay and Lochalsch rally.

Creator of Yesmahagow which was inspired by a Sunday Herald article over a year ago and takes an often satirical take on Indy affairs whilst attempting to bring a local approach to the debate. The Sunday Herald today, of course, is the only newspaper to come out and publically support Scottish Independence. It was also created at a time when there was no official desire for a village level approach; today there are Yes campaigns from every village and town in Scotland.
Jamie has been spending most of his time coordinating Gaelic activities in his home area of Clydesdale after recently helping to establish a new organising committee and has been busy yessing – helping to man the Yes Information Hub, deliver leaflets and newspapers and help with the canvassing of voters.

Over the past couple of months, Jamie has become the Gaelic columnist for the SNP's Independence Magazine. He has been a member of the West Clydesdale branch of the SNP since 2006 and is now the branch conference delegate. He says:

“I joined because I want to see Scotland stand on her own two feet in this world, I want to see the back of Trident and WMDs from Scotland and I want to see an end to poverty on our doorsteps. I now also hope to influence the SNP membership that Gaelic on the whole is a great thing for Scotland. My ultimate goal is to mimic Wales and have ALBA across the rugby or / and football tops of our national teams, and to see more development with Shinty as a national sport.”

Outside his campaigning for Yes, Jamie likes to take an interest in Gaelic language activities including its planning and development. He is a final year honours student of Gàidhlig at the University of Glasgow and is looking forward to being able to work in an independent Scotland to develop and advance the cultural, heritage and language aims of the nation.


Tha e fìor a ràdh gu bheil taic mhòr bhon Chuimrigh do Neo-eisimeileachd na h-Alba, rud a tha glè shoilleir dhuinn ann an Alba. 'S urrainn do gach nàisean Ceilteach an Eileanan Bhreatainn co-obrachadh gus cùisean a stèidheachadh a dhèanamh cinnteach gum mair ar cànain tùsanach airson nan ginealaichean ri teachd. Tha mi a' dèanamh fiughair a bhith còmhla ribh ann an Caerdydd far am bi sinn ag iomairt gus bhòt nas motha fhaotainn do "Bu Chòir". Rud a ghabhas dèanamh agus a bhios luachmhòr dhuinn uile.

Friday, 15 August 2014

Wales Supporting YES - Cymru'n Cefnogi IE

Wales Supporting YES
Supporting Scottish Independence
2pm, Saturday September 13th
Senedd Building, Cardiff Bay

Less than a week before the historical vote in Scotland, come to the Welsh capital to wish the people of Scotland well in their quest for self-determination.

Cymru’n Cefnogi IE
Cefnogi Annibyniaeth i'r Alban

2pm, Dydd Sadwrn Medi 13eg
Y Senedd, Bae Caerdydd

Llai nag wythnos cyn y bleidlais hanesyddol yn yr Alban, dewch i brif ddinas Cymru i ddangos eich cefnogaeth i bobl yr Alban yn eu hymgais dros annibyniaeth.